This Christmas


This Christmas I swam in a sea of sweets and treats

While father called it the Great Depression

Yet as we watched the snowfall through the streets

We found peace without confession


This Christmas our gift was being all together

As the sirens sounded through the air

We prayed next year would finally be better

And together we beg the Lord to hear our prayer


This Christmas our lives are perfect and complete

As we finally welcome our baby boy

Yet gone are the days of sweets and treats

Now our children play with toys


This Christmas was one that bears a lonely pain

As we said goodbye to my father

Though his memory will forever reign

This Christmas felt so much harder


This Christmas I welcomed so many to my home

So many there both young and old

Yet this is a time that to me is unknown

But I’m still the same person, with this heart of gold.



Merry Christmas from all of us at Aria Care Home.